Holden Brothers Farm Market

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Holden Brothers Farm Market

About Us - Who are the Holden Brothers

The Holden Brothers are Kelly and David Holden

Kelly Holden

Kelly Holden is responsible for managing the crop production on the farm. Successful crop production involves numerous complex skills as well as ample knowledge of biology and agronomy. The process begins with the preparation of the soil; the land has to be tilled and weeded prior to planting. Once planted, the crops must receive adequate nutrition and protection from pests throughout their life cycle. A complex system of irrigation and drainage is essential to producing a successful harvest. Keeping the crops healthy is a delicate balance, too much, or too little, of any of the components can cause the crops to fail quickly. The brothers are currently farming 250 acres of land, all of which is overseen by Kelly.

David Holden

David Holden is responsible for managing the market operation and customer service side of the business, which is no small task. He runs both their wholesale and retail operations with an emphasis on southern hospitality and small town charm. While most of their produce is grown on their own farm, David supplements his stock with fresh produce from other farms in both North Carolina and South Carolina. This ensures that customers are offered a wide variety of fruits and vegetables without having to make any extra stops.