History of Holden Brothers Farm Market

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History of Holden Brothers Farm Market

About Us - History

Family Farm 1756 Generation to Generation

The land the brothers farm originated from a land grant to the Holdens' ancestors, the Brooks Family, from King George the 2nd in 1756. The Holdens' ancestors have been farming the land for over two hundred years, earning it the distinction of being a Bicentennial Farm. It is the 9th oldest farm in North Carolina that has remained in the same family. Prior to 1984 the land was predominately used to grow tobacco. Sensing that times were changing, the Holden Brothers decided to begin to growing produce. The first Farm Market was a open market at the corner of Ocean Isle Beach Road and Highway 17. In 1991 the brothers constructed an enclosed market, which has become a landmark of the area, at their current location near mile marker 10 of Highway 17.

The Holden Brothers Farm Market specializes in locally grown produce. A majority of their fruits and vegetables are grown on 250 acres of the Holdens' land off of Highway 17. In order to offer their customers variety, the Holden Brothers supplement their stock with out-of-season fruits and vegetables from other farms in North and South Carolina. Purchasing locally grown produce is a boost to local economy and an environmentally friendly choice as there is less gasoline consumption and packaging involved. Since it doesn't have to travel hundreds of miles before it gets to you, the locally grown produce is significantly fresher and better tasting than that purchased at your neighborhood grocery store.